Intrinsic Help

We want your experience with Intrinsic Learning to be rewarding - and we're committed to answering your questions and resolving issues as quickly as possible. Here are answers to the most frequently asked questions (FAQ) about registration, forgotten password, contacts and more.

What is Intrinsic Learning?
The Intrinsic Learning is a feature-rich, Internet based, Learner Management system (LMS) and Learning Content Management System (LCMS) that can be configured and client-branded. It is designed to support a wide-ranging library of high-quality courses from a variety of top providers and allows clients to author and upload their own programs. The system is capable of managing all training records, regardless of how the training is delivered.

What's so special about Intrinsic Learning?
• Easy to use, hardly any PC skills required
• You can access it anywhere via Internet access
• Access it any time, at your convenience, at work or home
• With online training, do a little at a time, or a longer session - whatever suits your schedule. Work at your own pace
• In some courses you can share your experiences in discussion groups, and/or work with a tutor
• Register on a wide range of classroom or self-study courses
• Intrinsic Learning automatically sends approval requests to your appointed manager
• Managers can track training activity through simple training reports
• Advanced search features lets you chose the right course from the wide range of training available to employees. Search on Provider, Delivery Method, Target Audience, Competency or Keyword.

How can I access Intrinsic Learning?
Intrinsic Learning is available 24/7 via a Internet connection. Intrinsic Learning is available on many platforms (i.e. Internet Explorer 6+, Firefox, Safari, Mobiles...)

Getting Started
The first step is to complete a self registration process to register your details in the system and to create a system login that you can be used for future system access.

Registration process is a secured process and will require an authorisation key to initiate the registration process. Authorisation key will be either email to you by your organisations or will be supplied to you by Intrinsic Learning client service team.
It is a 16 digits key which is only valid for 7 days and can only be used for one time.

You will need a valid email address to register and access Intrinsic Learning.

Forgotten Password
Use the Forgotten Password link on the front page of Intrinsic Learning and follow the prompts to reset your password.

How long does it take to activate my registration?
Once you have completed the online registration process you will have immediate access to the Intrinsic Learning environment.

How can I change my personal information?
You can change your personal information at any time. Look for your ‘Personal Details’ page and update the fields necessary then submit.

If you are having difficulties using Intrinsic Learning please use the appropriate help contacts as listed below:

Customer Centre